Living the life you want, without having to worry or think too much about money, is the starting point of many people’s retirement wishes.

If you’re in your 50s or older, you’ve probably worked your whole life and have accumulated significant wealth. Nevertheless, you may have had little to no interaction with how certain aspects, such as your pensions, are invested. You may have no idea of their value, or what they will mean for your future income.

Whether you’re planning to retire in 10 years’ time, or have already crossed the retirement finish line, you just want to know that you have enough: to live, to achieve your goals and enjoy your desired lifestyle. You want to feel confident in your investments and assured that you’ve made the right decisions. There’s so much of the world you want to see, and so many things you want to do; you just want the peace of mind to know you can.

We follow a four-stage process to ensure you’re on the right track to achieve your most deeply-felt goals and aspirations in retirement.

Understanding your situation

The first step in your journey is an initial conversation and a subsequent meeting that will enable us to fully understand your situation and get to know you better. We will gather details on your personal and financial circumstances, taking into account your existing assets and resources. From there, we’ll discuss your goals and aspirations, as well as your attitude to risk.

Analysis and design of your financial plan

After we have gathered all the necessary details from you, we’ll turn our attention to analysing the information. Once we have completed our analysis, we’ll design your bespoke plan. As part of this, we’ll take into account your tax situation, making sure your assets are placed in the best tax treatments allowed in the UK.

Presentation of your plan

We always present our recommendations, in person, in a simple and straightforward way. You will also get a written explanation of all our recommendations in language that’s designed to be understood. These recommendations can be provided to you by email or hard copy, whichever format you prefer.

Ongoing service

An ongoing relationship is where the real value of financial planning lies. Keeping your plan on track through close monitoring is the most important part of what we do; we’ll arrange regular meetings and conversations so that we can ensure your strategy is fit for purpose.

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