Chris and Jane approached us because they wanted a full analysis of their overall financial position. Specifically, they wanted to look at their retirement planning.

The couple wanted to know if they were going to be financially okay in retirement and whether their pensions were invested in the correct way. Chris is a high earner and is therefore affected by recent changes in pension rules.

What we did

We began by finding out what was important to Chris and Jane. We discussed when they wanted to retire, as well as what they wanted their retirement to look and feel like.

We then assessed their entire financial position and created a financial plan to bring all of their assets and liabilities together in a comprehensible way. We were able to show them that they would be able to maintain their current lifestyle into retirement; furthermore, Chris and Jane could also retire three years earlier than they’d hoped to.

We were also able to clarify their pension position in relation to the recent pension rules change, and how this can be managed going forward to avoid additional tax consequences.

The results

Chris and Jane now have the confidence, clarity and peace of mind that they were looking for.

Not only will they be able to live their desired lifestyle in retirement, but they can also enjoy retirement much sooner than expected.

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