Lisa is a successful and busy businesswoman.

She contacted us because she felt the bank that was advising her at the time were not providing her with a good service. Lisa felt that they simply did not have her best interests at heart; she was looking for advice that was more bespoke.

What we did

First of all, we spent time getting to know Lisa and what was important to her; we believe in getting to know the purpose of our clients’ money, in order to make recommendations that are truly in your best interest.

We then carried out a thorough review of Lisa’s existing investments and created a financial plan. We were then able to show her how her existing investments and pensions aligned with her goals and aspirations; it came to light that she could retire sooner, should she want to.

We were then able to reduce the charges that Lisa was incurring on her existing investments. We also established how she could reduce her company tax as well.

The results

Lisa has since reduced the time she spends working, devoting more time to the things she enjoys such as spending time with her granddaughter and partner, as well as playing more golf!

Lisa knows that we have her and her family’s best interests at heart. We believe that money is just a tool to help us do the things we want to do in life: which is what Lisa is now able to do.

What our clients say

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